Industry Roundtables

JNK has become the leading host of industry and theme-based roundtable dinners, lunches and full-day events.

JNK brings together industry executives who are experts in their respective fields with the investors who conduct research into these specific sectors.  This is all done in a group setting with a single dialogue, Q and A format to ensure adherence to JNK’s compliance policies.

Examples of Recurring Event Themes include:

  • Mobile Search / Mobile Advertising / Mobile Payments
  • Cloud - SaaS - Big Data Spending
  • Wireless / LTE CapEx Spending, Pricing & Market Share Shifts
  • Patents & IP Technology Roundtable Lunch Event
  • Streaming Video Roundtable Dinner Event
  • Online Travel Agencies
  • SSD / Storage OEM Industry

For additional information please contact Mark Smaldon, Director of Research, at 212-885-6339 or

Industry Roundtables

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