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JNK Securities Corp. is a New York City based broker‐dealer, founded in 1993, execution-only trading Firm with direct market access to the listed & OTC markets. JNK offers unique Industry Events (group roundtable formats) in NYC & Washington DC, and exclusive 3rd Party industry focused research.

JNK Securities Research


JNK is an agency-only execution broker/dealer whose goal is to provide personal attention to our clients throughout the life cycle of their order. We do not commit capital & do not compete with any of our client’s orders.  We offer clients a blend of advanced execution & sector specific knowledge that is complimented by our research product. Our sales trading team’s extensive knowledge of the execution markets, affords our clients the best venues in which to find the necessary liquidity for minimal market impact.

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JNK Industry Roundtables

JNK has become the leading host of industry and theme-based roundtable dinners, lunches and full-day events.  By tapping an extensive list of industry contacts, JNK is able to bring together industry executives who are experts in their respective fields with the investors conducting research into these specific sectors.  This is all done in a group setting with a single dialogue, Q and A format to ensure strict adherence to JNK’s stringent compliance policies.

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JNK Industry Roundtables

Industry Research

JNK’s exclusive industry research is published by partners who have a superior understanding of their industries and focus on key technologies, trends, and inflection points in the sectors and companies they cover. Through direct observation, surveys, coverage panels and other data collection methodologies, our research offers unique insight into current business trends. Our partners do not focus on financial statements and valuation and do not carry price targets or buy or sell recommendations.

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Industry Research

Industry Talk

The latest on Twitter from industry experts, curated by the JNK Securities team:


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  • Kick off #MemorialDayWeekend w/ 20% Savings! Register before prices go up:

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  • @NBPCA

  • Thank you @FinancialCmte for holding a hearing on #arbitration, an important tool for consumers to reach resolution.

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